Tuesday, 13 June 2017

The Wait for the New Era

After 8th was announced my games dried up. People were no longer game for gaming and even Warhammer Fest left me wanting.

With £200 sitting in my pocket I was hoping to spend. But with no new content there and no Shadow War Armageddon rule book to buy, I settled for a Leviathan Dreadnought. 

Thankfully playing 8th at the show filled me with a new love for my marines though and now the Canis Aureus have a new colour scheme!

The fires of the Warp combined with the purples and greens, make for a pretty sorcery look. But it all started with one small doodle on my dreadnought Karael.

Karael my first Ebay Dreadnought and one of my first paint jobs.

Impressed with the eye I thought it only right to give him two.

and a mouth...

Attempted to portray a galaxy on his arm.

Perhaps took the eyes too far

Karael in his new glory

Since then I have vowed to repaint all of my Aureus Chapter. so far I am 29 marines and a dreadnought deep. Hopefully I can get some others done before the launch on Friday.

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