Tuesday, 13 June 2017

My First Game of 8th

Over the course of my visit to Warhammer Fest I managed to play 8th Edition. Since I have played three smaller games using the rules leak and data profiles.  Now with the core rules and indexes myself and Ed managed to play a 50 Power level game of Tyranids vs Chaos Marines. My first proper game!

The combatants approach
Cracking my new mat out for another game my Aureus fought for the first time in a while.  

With the new movement rules the tyranid fleet came in rapidly and by turn two I had suffered heavy casualties.  My sorcerer held his own against a Hive tyrant though and beat away the genestealers thanks to his new 4 wounds!

The tunnel also opened behind my lines...
The Maulerfiend did exceptionally well. No longer a vehicle he was not hindered by the onslaught of attacks by the tyranids, taking out a carnifex, a character and a horde of termagants before the Hive Tyrant came to finish him off.

Locked in eternal combat, the maulerfiend wrestles the hive fleets finest!

Overall the game finished 7-3 in the tyranids favour.  I managed to sneak out of combat to claim some objectives even though I was rendered almost extinct early on.  The game ended on turn  due to my forces being wiped out.  Even so at no point did the game seem like a dead certain victory, with only the weakened hive tyrant and three warriors on the board it was a close game.

I look forward to many more games this weekend!

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