Saturday, 17 June 2017

8th Edition Release Night

On the warm up to the Eighth Edition's midnight release, Marquee Models held an open games night, From six until one in the morning.

Myself, Jamie, Ron, Joshua and Marisa all attended along with plenty of others. 

Jamie and Mia formed a Tau alliance and decimated the forces of Khorne.

Meanwhile Josh's orks were locked in combat with the Canis Aureus.  the orks put up a good fight but the Aureus prevailed.

My final game saw the Eldar and Aureus face off against the Tau alliance and we won a narrow victory. My leviathan exploding in the process.

At the end of the night I was lucky enough to win the top prize in the raffle and snag myself a Space wolf book bag.

That night I also made and painted this fellow when I got in. The Aureus' failed attempt to make their own primaris marine. (Older marine used for scale.) Clearly they need more gene seed.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

My First Game of 8th

Over the course of my visit to Warhammer Fest I managed to play 8th Edition. Since I have played three smaller games using the rules leak and data profiles.  Now with the core rules and indexes myself and Ed managed to play a 50 Power level game of Tyranids vs Chaos Marines. My first proper game!

The combatants approach
Cracking my new mat out for another game my Aureus fought for the first time in a while.  

With the new movement rules the tyranid fleet came in rapidly and by turn two I had suffered heavy casualties.  My sorcerer held his own against a Hive tyrant though and beat away the genestealers thanks to his new 4 wounds!

The tunnel also opened behind my lines...
The Maulerfiend did exceptionally well. No longer a vehicle he was not hindered by the onslaught of attacks by the tyranids, taking out a carnifex, a character and a horde of termagants before the Hive Tyrant came to finish him off.

Locked in eternal combat, the maulerfiend wrestles the hive fleets finest!

Overall the game finished 7-3 in the tyranids favour.  I managed to sneak out of combat to claim some objectives even though I was rendered almost extinct early on.  The game ended on turn  due to my forces being wiped out.  Even so at no point did the game seem like a dead certain victory, with only the weakened hive tyrant and three warriors on the board it was a close game.

I look forward to many more games this weekend!

The Wait for the New Era

After 8th was announced my games dried up. People were no longer game for gaming and even Warhammer Fest left me wanting.

With £200 sitting in my pocket I was hoping to spend. But with no new content there and no Shadow War Armageddon rule book to buy, I settled for a Leviathan Dreadnought. 

Thankfully playing 8th at the show filled me with a new love for my marines though and now the Canis Aureus have a new colour scheme!

The fires of the Warp combined with the purples and greens, make for a pretty sorcery look. But it all started with one small doodle on my dreadnought Karael.

Karael my first Ebay Dreadnought and one of my first paint jobs.

Impressed with the eye I thought it only right to give him two.

and a mouth...

Attempted to portray a galaxy on his arm.

Perhaps took the eyes too far

Karael in his new glory

Since then I have vowed to repaint all of my Aureus Chapter. so far I am 29 marines and a dreadnought deep. Hopefully I can get some others done before the launch on Friday.

Monday, 5 June 2017

UKGE 2017

Primaris Marines are everywhere these days.

Being an avid board gamer The UK Games Expo is kind of a must attend event. This year GW was there in force.  Even though I had been to Warhammer Fest I still had to check out their stand.

The new miniatures face off!

I also picked up a copy of Black Crusade at the Bring and Buy for £20!
What a steal.