Saturday, 18 November 2017

The Coming of the Iron Hide

Today the Canis Aureus faced Ron and his Vostroyan Guard. The first game he drew no useful objectives and rolled pretty badly and the second did not fall to his favour either. The jackals held their territory and Cleaver the Choppa managed to fell a Russ in both games.

The Coming of the Iron Hide

A spinning vortex of a sickly yellow haze clouded the sky at least two-hundred kilometres in diameter. It held its position unerringly above the battle front. It's power and force so great it had held the Aureus forces on the T'au planet and subjected them to a foul barrage of their own creation. The jackal's forces were held on the ground, a large percentage had taken casualties from the plague storms. Those that had not been swept away or mired, began to pull back to their lines, making the headway they could in the dreadful conditions. many units, most of them astartes and light infantry, were cut off by the plague hordes generated by the widespread miasma of the Plague Lord.

No one, not even Cutter the Choppa could make progress through the maelstrom. While the rest of the Aureus forces were claiming land in the name of the Wolf Mother, the forces of fury and blood were stuck and unable to further the cause. It wasn't until they saw the first of the Vostroyan regiments appeared passing through the thick storm clouds, that the demented Chaos Lord was happy he had been trapped.  

Filled with titanic fury, almost pure and undiluted with thought or other emotions, he mounted his nearby rhino and became locked in combat. After chopping down two of his own renegades in blind rage he punctured the Leman Russ's hide as it came through the dense miasma.  Fuel tanks exploding it threw off the renegades, tearing the pack of Jackals to shreds. Witnessing the Vostroyan's fall back he gritted his teeth and bellowed insults into the wind, before calling on more renegades to enter the fray.

* * * * *

With bitter resentment, Quadir pulled the Endless Cacophany back from the edges of the ruin and into the nearby rhino.  he could tell from this position they would be outgunned on the Vostoyan's return. A quick vox exchange led them to the East flank where they deployed as their transport was hit by the advancing Vostroyan gun line.  

Fell picked up on the faint sound of the Commissar's shouting amongst the bombardment. Honing in on it he directed the rest of his squad to open fire. The howls that erupted tore through the structure and through the mortals behind it. Flesh was parted from bone and their screams suppressed by the audial bombardment. As the Commissar advanced to the edge of the building the Cacophony hit him with a vicious blast as two of the astartes fell to the Vostran's deadly aim. Steadying himself on his feet the Commissar fount his footing as Quadir impacted with the officer, tearing his head from his shoulders with one solid punch.

Explosions crackled through the plague infested ruins in the direction of the plaguebearers advance. The Noise Jackal watched in disgust as they shambled into the scout walkers, preventing them from being a threat.  Just behind the fray he could also make out the form of Cleaver holding a leg into the air and whooping with glee as the Vostroyan's retreated. They had held the territory against the forces of the Imperium, but to what end? There was no merit in them holing this fetid landscape, all was dead, all was lost, their job had been done. 

Quadir longed to be under the command of Salazar once more instead of the brutish oaf that was Cleaver.  Turning the amp up on his weapon he faced the advancing, mindless plague horde. 

"Where the hell are the Deathguard? Isn't it their job to control this mindless scum?" He yelled blasting the flesh from the amassing assailants before him.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

A Mighty Victory

A few weekends ago Jamie, Mia and Me went to the Dice Saloon in Brighton. It is one of our favourite venues despite being quite a trek away from where we all live. While we were there we played one large game, followed by a smaller game. It was the first time seeing a Tiger Shark on the field and the potential of that beast is certainly scary.

Once the games were done we relaxed with some food, drinks and a handful of board games. Below is the fluff from the games.

With trepidation the greater daemon had launched his assault on the heart of the Pax’nera’s home world. The avian ancient knew that this was the path he must take despite the inevitable defeat. Not one but two of the tiger sharks were above them. The first fell to the blast of the macro-ectoplasmic cannon and then the second, but not before the Mother’s Cannon had been crippled. Leaking phosphorus neon liquid it sizzled and spat, until it internally ruptured and split under the fire of the enemy. The twisted beast had taken many months to build and it’s loss would not be taken lightly among the renegade Astartes. På Veg craned around to see the loathing emitting from Vlees. His sockets brimming with internal fluids as he swung his axe in the air, gesticulating for his deredeos to take down the opposing forces. The twin-headed daemon Lord hoped this grinding stalemate would be enough to draw the t’au’s attention from the Charadon sector. He could not foretell their fate, but he knew in time the forces here would be defeated and only Vlees and the horrors under his command would escape.

* * *
Crashing into the landscape below, Cleaver the Choppa was full of confidence. Despite the overwhelming odds that he knew that his forces were about to face, he showed no hesitation. Beneath his helmet his face was twisted with glee. The Lord knew at this very moment a heavy bombardment and assault was taking place on the Pax’nera’s home world. A force not large enough to take the planet but strong enough to be a distraction. No hero’s faced them today. Only a force of nameless officers and a solitary commander greeted them. He recognised the landing craft of the Bay’be Sept’s Ethereal. She had pursued them at a distance and had clearly warned of the incoming threat. Cleaver cared not. He welcomed the challenge. Diving out of his rhino as it caught fire, the crazed Lord cleaved his way into the transport craft before him. Rushing forward his entourage shot and hacked into the breacher team. As the blue bodies fell, the Pax’nera firing line took aim. The six berserkers and their champion all fell to the gunfire and the explosion of the nearby transport tore their corpses apart. Cleaver in his fury had failed to spot the concealed payload of explosives. As his axe impacted into its core, armour, flesh and bone were torn from his frame. Out of the machine span a whirlpool of flame and fire that tore at everything around it. T’au and heretic burnt alike in the supernova that was born from the wreck. Rising from the ash, parts of his skull and rib cage exposed, Choppa pressed on. The defiler given to him by the Deathguard, ate, burnt and shot its way through the main body of the t’au, while the bloat drone tore across the landscape, burning everything in it’s wake. Hooking up to the central air filtration system the drone emptied its fetid fluids and life force into the air filters and pump system. Plaguebearers shambled and threw themselves off of the railings and into the water tanks below. Alarms sounded. Within days this section of the planet would be covered in plague and disease. He hoped it would be enough to claim at least a quarter of the planets population. Perhaps then the Plague Lord would release the arch-daemon from his eternal prison, so that the Aureus could get the answers that they needed. Drinking from the soiled water, Cleaver felt the disease and corruption eat into his injuries. Rage and knowledge were his, he hoped this would bring him the protection that the Plague Father has promised him. Protection that had allowed his rival Gurth to survive such crippling defeats.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

The Landraider with the Power of a Titan

Still on a creative high from our trip to Warhammer World, myself and Jack decided to have a hobby day today. My first project was to fit a Warhound Titan's gun into a landraider. Originally, Jack said he would give me the gun if I could fit it into a russ but the gun was just too big!  

After a fair bit of sawing and some careful snipping, I managed to secure the gun into the main hull. Due to the lack of stability at first I green stuffed it and put in a fair amount of super-glue. Once it had been held firm I coated the top of the raider and all the green stuff with half a sprue of skulls.  

As you can see in the first picture above, I was also inspired by one of the landraiders in the main display at Warhammer World. Instead of its standard heavy bolters they had replaced them with forgefiend plasma cannons. As this is a proxy for the Cerberus heavy tank destroyer I thought it only fitting that it had two animalistic type heads along with the main gun.

Overall I feel it is getting there, but it still needs a lot of work.

Myself and Jack also both bought the Arch Daemon of Nurgle from Forgeworld, therefore I thought I should make mine look a little different. Instead of three horns mine now has five.

After our day of being creative, we set up Jack's freshly delivered scenery and took to the table. Wolves vs Deathguard. I won, almost tabling by the end of turn three so we called the game there.

The Landraider with the Power of a Titan

It was in the Pax'nera's interests to support Jostien. He was the only ally of great sway that the t'au forces had outside of their own race. It was clear that the Aureus were becoming as feared as the absent Black Legion. A force that could unite the sprawling bands of chaos and command them was not to be ignored. 

After many months of work it had been completed. The shell of a landraider, with the raw power of a supremacy suit's generator and the weapon of a titan were forced onto the thrashing daemon entity.  Contained within it's Ion prison the beast fused with the energy of the generator and, when provoked, created the energy needed to harness the re-purposed, titan-class weaponry.   Witnessing the devastation of the pre-battle testing procedure, Steadstrike was certain of his choice despite some of the others protests. He knew one day the might of this weapon would be turned against them, but he hoped by then they would be prepared. Signalling his crew to leave he bid farewell to Jostien.

Still in the process of regrowing his organs, Jostien was hunched. His tubes and servitors were feeding him with everything his vast form needed to be fighting fit again within the next few days.

"I thank you for your efforts Steadstrike, you have aided us well," said Jostien to the bronze clad giant leaving the disembarkation deck. "We will deal a blow to the Deathguard that they will not recover from."

* * * * *

Landing on the planets surface did not go to plan. Kai had drifted off target and had become wedged into the nearby dilapidated tower block. The battle had already begun and he had cursed himself for missing the start of it. Licking his bloated, daemonic lips he fired his ectoplasmic barrage into the Great Unclean One in front of him, popping the already damaged greater daemon like an overripe fruit. 

"Good work Kai," spoke Jostein from his position to the Ancient's right. The Captain was propped up against the wall of the ruin, his body fairly useless after the tyranid onslaught that he had narrowly escaped only a few days before. Signalling the two deredeos in the building he filled them with calm, making each of their barrages more deadly than the last. 

The blasts from the experimental tanks shook the battlefield, wrecking the Deathguard's Typhon heavy siege tank in two shots.

Within mere minutes the battle had been won. Those of the enemy still alive were put to death, while the daemons were banished back to the warp.

Jostein knew this attack would enrage members of his Chapter but he cared not. He would bring his Chapter's name back to the records of history, not through vengeance and terror but hope in the darkest of times. For the greater good.

Monday, 30 October 2017

The Guardian of Donn Hel

My good friend Jack often acquires job lots of 40k armies. In one of his old batches he received an old sad deredeo. This poor soul had been put together in a rush and sprayed badly. Being the decent gent he is rather than bin it or try to sell it on the cheap, he gave it to me.  It was given to me on the condition that I "Chaosed it up" and made something unique out of it. 

As I already had one deredeo I wanted this one to be equipped with something different. On our trip to Warhammer World both Jamie and Jack encouraged me to buy him some new weapons. After much debate I settled on the plasma weaponry.

The next day i took to building him. First I constructed the basic deredeo then attached the guns and stuck on a skull. 

Soon after I got carried away with the green stuff and had sculpted something quite unique.

Demens was pretty terrifying but Kai is really something else.

The Guardian of Donn Hel

Long fused into his armour, Kai no longer knew where his body ended and the machine began, the daemon had blended with his flesh and fused him into the machine. He cared not for his old form, he knew his father loved him, he knew his father cared about him and would always protect him against harm, a truth he had never felt as an astartes under the command of the Imperium.  The beast had stood and waited, guarding the prison of his master. The Imperium had forsaken him as the Dark Gods had forsaken his Master. Sometimes he wept from his beady black eyes deep within his huge seemingly barren eye sockets, but most of the time he laughed, laughed in the knowledge of knowing his master was soon to wake.

In return for his service, the Canis Aureus had promised to release his master and break the shackles that held him deep within his tomb. He knew that this would be no easy task and swiftly pledged his allegiance to their cause. In time he would make his master's father pay. The Plague God would have no power over this system once his forces met Kai on the fields of battle. Warming up his ectoplasmic generators he made his way to the surface, singing in the tongues of his master.

Sunday, 29 October 2017

My Second Trip to Warhammer World

This weekend me, Jamie and Jack all took a trip down to Warhammer World. All of us were pretty hyper having ordered Forgeworld goodies. Neither of the other two had been before so I was keen to see their reaction.

After the two and a half hour journey up there we were pretty hungry but we didn't stop for food. We pressed on straight into the museum. For those of you that haven't been I shall not ruin what awaits you but below are a couple of collages of some small highlights.

This first one is four nicely painted Chaos leaders that were within the cabinets.

Here are some classic dioramas from the late 80's. 

I won't spoil the sheer gravity of the huge displays but the new Blood Angels vs necron diorama was beautiful. If you have not seen it I implore you to check it out. 

On the Saturday it was also the armies on parade display. Here there were many armies on show, all of which had clearly had a lot of effort put into them. Each had been lovingly thought out and arranged into their dioramas. It inspired me to have a go at my own next year.

The day was brilliant and ended in a Deathguard and Aureus alliance against the forces of the Pax'nera Sept. The t'au suffered a brutal 17-2 loss but it was an amazing game for all involved. Jack got to field his new Great Unclean One, I got to see Rog shine and Jamie set out his entire t'au army onto the field.

Saturday, 28 October 2017

A Grand Victory in Tournament 2

Four armies gathered for the fight over one mighty planet full of rich resources valuable to all. The Aureus were keen to claim the planet for themselves. Two of these armies were forces of the Deathguard, one Eldar and the other the Canis Aureus. 

The tournament was three games per army, the warlord with the most victory points winning the tournament. Each force had to be battleforged and 750 points or under. 

Canis Aureus
x1 Chaos Lord (Choppa) with combi-bolter and poweraxe
x5 Chaos Marines
x9 Khorne Berserkers (Sgt with power fist)
x1 Rhino with x2 combi-bolters
x1 Deredeo Dreadnought, Butcher cannon array, a greater havoc launcher and two heavy bolters.

The Aureus were victorious and won all three games. The first was against the Deathguard and was also the closest game. Coming down to one final save on my deredeo with one hit point remaining. 

The second game was against David's Eldar. It was a brutal first two turns which made for a decisive victory, the deredeo removing ten models in his first round of shooting. After this battle came the final fight against the other Deathguard army that was tabled by the end of turn four. 

In claiming the planet the Canis Aureus have once again proven their might and I won some goodies as a result of that.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Lord of Khorne: Cutter the Choppa'

After my victory with a proxy Chaos Lord (As I forgot my actual Lord) I decided to make a Lord of Khorne.

I took a primaris body and two ork arms as well as a few chaos bits and made Cutter the Choppa into an actual model. Suitably huge when compared to a standard old marine.

But what is a Khorne Lord without skulls? I hear you say. Well I thought similar, so I decided to give him twenty skulls on his person and seven on his base. The base is a 40mm base which is too big but I think he justifies it.

The same day I painted him and then he was ready for battle.

Last week the might of Cutter the Choppa, clashed with Jamie's Pax'nera T'au Sept.  It was a brutal and brief game. I claimed first turn. Charged from the rhino and ate into the t'au gun line. The retaliation was bloody but it didn't stop my Lord cleaving through the blue-skinned bodies until he claimed victory.

A Servant's Wrath

Removing his helmet their Lord revealed his scarred and pitted visage. Twisted leathery flesh, fused with bone and metal. Like his other warriors, he bore the fresh wounds of self mutilation. Blood poured from his large gnarled hands and wrists into the numerous orifices in his face. His dark eyes stared with glee out into the battlefield before them. Beyond the haze of gore he could see the Pax’nera landing in the ruins opposite starting their advance. Cutter the Choppa clambered into his rhino and called his berserkers forward. Klash began to shiver and chatter as Mauler howled with anticipation. All at once they began the berserkgang. First waves of cold hit them, their joints seizing as they uncontrollably shivered. Moans and roars erupted as their flesh bulged in deep reds and purples. Fever soon bled into rage, chainswords revved into action as the rhino’s hatch was released. Crashing into the t’au battle line the renegade berserkers took the first volley of fire. Bodies riddled with mortal injury they continued to fight on. Amongst his dying warriors Cleaver entered the fray. His huge axe in hand he cut three t’au in half with one blow narrowly missing a fourth. He cared not for his brothers. As six fell down dead the remaining two turned to run. In one swift motion the Chaos Lord cleaved down his own as they attempted to flee, the mighty choppa severing armour, flesh and bone. He was not surprised their fate had been foretold. A precognition had been implanted into his head by På Veg prior to their landing. The mighty greater daemons eyes penetrating his corrupted soul and had foretold his success. Med Leen’s visions had been more grave. They had prophesied his warriors foul fate and the blind rage as he cleaved them down. He knew he would turn from this battle, let the enemy flee, wipe out the tiny horrors in anger at their masters predictions. Recalling the malevolent jeering made his rage boil over. Turning from the enemy he directed his rage towards the warp spawn. Cleaver the Choppa was no ones puppet!

The horror propelled itself onward sullen, chortling and whining. Tears of rage filled its diminutive contorted face. Surrounding him were the six remaining little daemons, laughing and cackling as they simmered and popped. They all knew that they would soon return to their master. Two of the horrors would flee, hide and burn up to nothing, while their blue leader and four other critters would be decimated by the mighty ork weapon. Clambering around the last remaining drones they managed to secure themselves on one and pull it to the ground. Weeping and stamping in a volatile rage, the radiant blue leader slammed his ever-changing form into the dirty below. Unable to focus on their victory he was sealed by the misery of his fate. Turning around he saw the large bulky figure approaching them. “Tell your Lord to get outa my ‘ed!” Yelled Cleaver as he brought down the Choppa, dissipating the horrors into nothing but fire and crackling energy. The Pax’nera had fallen back, the great ones claimed what they wanted and now more of the planet was theirs. Before he had a chance to rejoice, the crackling static and flames seized the Chaos Lord. Sparking and convulsing, his muscles expanded and were filled with a new vigour, a new vigour that would allow him to claim and defend the eldar moon.