Tuesday, 1 November 2016


Below is a brief action scene that was created after my first ever kill team game with my pal Ed a while back. I forgot to upload it back then so here it is now. The sheer amazement of my heavy bolter marine's snap firing, was the only thing that kept me in the game. When he reached the top of the tower he was climbing in the fifth round. He killed the warlord and was taken out. It was quite the display of epic heroism and also another loss for the Aureus.

No pictures here I am afraid but plenty more to come.


A simple recon mission was all it was supposed to be. Cadus knew what it would take to defeat the advancing forces. Not only were the incoming marines more efficiently trained, but they had a veteran commander. He was certain they would be torn apart within seconds. Cathor was the only other Aureus that had seen combat. Both him and Cadus had seen plenty of conflict in the last decade, but even so it was just the start of a marines long service. He was but a child compared to those heading towards him. Gradually he began to climb the ancient crumbling remains of the old chapel,as his men charged the veterans head on. Within seconds the bolter fire rained down upon them, punching clean through the armour, tearing through flesh and bone. Diving to the ground, Calthor avoided the las cannon blast. Seeing the glint of the snipers armour deep within the ruins, Cadus fired a spat an arc of fire from his heavy bolter. The desperate spray impacted through the dilapidated brickwork and connected with the marines helmet and chest, decorating the wall behind him in a deep Crimson with flecks of bone. The exchange soon fell silent. Cadus heard Calthor's dying curses being yelled to the Wolf Mother. Fuelled by his brothers defeat, Cadus continued to climb, despite the overwhelming weight of his colossal bullet pack and heavy bolter. Clumsily he fired as he ascended. For every floor he reached he fired crazed bolts of fury and prayed to the Mother of all Aureus. Dropping cover the marines advanced towards his location as two of their men hit the ground. On reaching the top Cadus surveyed the area. Now steady and still, he let the Wolf Mother take him. He could hear her whispers, her keenness to see death and destruction. Holding the trigger firm, he tore the unit of marines beneath him apart. Heavy fire came at him from below all sinking deep into his armour and beyond. He felt no pain. As he saw the captain below, Cadus broke cover and hailed down sweet vengeance into the adversary beneath him. Roaring in rage Cadus took two more shots to the torso. Feeling the life slip from him, he knew he had done more than what was expected of him. Detaching his bolter and his ammo pack, he succumbed to his fate. The battle was over but his unit of fresh marines had done well. Feeling the night air rush into his helmet and his hot blood rush out, he toppled from the tower and fell to meet his brothers.

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