Thursday, 6 October 2016

Back to Victory

Over the past few months I have been playing a fair amount of 40k.  I was on a crazy loss streak of 13 games and now I have gradually started pulling a few wins out.  I also took part in two tournaments, but I shall write up about them another time.

Currently I am playing a lot of Kill Team. After playing four games of it I decided I needed to get it.  It is essentially a shorter, sweeter and more cinematic 40k experience.  Don't get me wrong a big game is still good, but why not squeeze in a few smaller games too.  There is always more time for 40k right? 

Now that other things have died down, I finally got around to painting up some scouts I found on ebay too.  I decided to give them a cyberpunk/anime 80s feel. My girlfriend finished four of them for me just in time for a game for my pal Ed's birthday.

Below is a fluff sum up of everything that has happened in the last 17 40k games that I have had.  

Back to Victory

The chapter had started to carve a new legend over the recent months. After having lost their last 13 conflicts , Gunnvor took off on his own. He began by launching small recon missions against the known surrounding forces.

Their first great success was the battle against an unknown space marine chapter. Gunnvor managed to claim victory and locate intel of an incoming tyranid invasion.

In the darkest and most dangerous jungle on the planet they waited. Siegfried was lost to the giant apes and Hauf fell to the hell snakes of Feng. The brothers were not mourned, they were made an example out of. Gunnvor only celebrated success. He managed to leave with a small force of twenty men and he intended to return with at least half.

Finally the night arrived. The tyranids came from the skies, they claimed ground quickly as the marine faction secured the northern sector. Gunnvor's losses were heavy, a unit of scouts was torn apart by a Brood Lord and four of his marines were defeated in the northern sector.  The decoy had worked. He had both sides where he wanted them. From the ruins in the long dead city his heavy weapons team opened fire. Bolter rounds decimated the opposing forces as they converged. Assault marines fell from the sky, as tyranids burst in sickly greens on the torn earth below.

As the Brood Lord advanced, Colite braced his team for the assault. His five men fell to the initial blows. Limbs being torn and acid melting their flesh. They fought until their last breath. Letting out a furious roar, Colite launched forward. The Wolf Mother had blessed him with his fusion of flesh, bone and metal. His arm had ascended into that which was more than human. A claw with the power of the Wolf Mother's jaw. Bringing it down into the monstrosity before him he cited the prayer of their mother. Screeching and thrashing the xenos scum collapsed to the ground. From above he heard the cry of victory from his fellow brothers. The battle was over.

Claiming the rival marines predator and razorback. They voxed in for pickup. Gunnvor knew his efforts would be celebrated and hoped that it would lead to further freedom of him and his pack.

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