Saturday, 24 December 2016

Twas the Night of Festivities

For my brithday this year Ed over at BERSERKBLADE arranged a large scale game of kill team.  It was my Canis Aureus (led by St. Nic pictured below), Tau, Marines, more Marines and some Raging Heroes Imperial Guard vs 1000pts of Eds Tyranids.

It was an amazing game that was touch and go throughout. So much so I thought I would turn it into something silly.

Twas the Night of Festivities

Twas the night of festivities, when the Tyranids came, Attempting to engulf the planet, the hive mind to blame, War between rivals stopped, sudden and quick, The Warlord had come, the mighty St. Nic.

At first the Sisters of Silence made their advance, Spewing forth flamers and rituals to lance, Around the flank came Tau regimented and keen, To spread goodwill, wherever they've been.

From the hills to the right, arose such a clatter, A rhino, some scouts and marines to assist in the matter, Their bolters and plasma, spat forth hellfire, To cleanse the Xenos threat their desire.
Buxom lasses, veterans each one, Emerged from the trenches to join in the fun, Quickly torn apart by hormagaunts aplenty, Their limbs hit the floor ever so gently.
The Sisters held firm under St. Nic's gaze, Their spirits afire, their guns ablaze, Zonethropes advanced to bring mental rupture, While deathspitters hit home, armour they did puncture.
Tau and Marines did clean up the threat, Sisters and vixens were not quite dead yet, Marines unloaded until St. Nic was safe, Out came the final volly, the warlord it strafed.
Down it fell, thrashing with a groan, Victory within their hearts, a change of tone, Aureus, Angels, Agents and Tau, Left with few parting words and a bow,
For that was the day a planet was saved, For peace and goodwill, rivals behaved, Today enjoyment can be found, But tomorrow brings plenty of war abound.

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