Sunday, 7 February 2016

The Canis Aureus

Inspired by the fun and obsessive qualities of my pal Ed over at BERSERKERBLADE. I have decided to put up a blog similar in its obsession with 40k.  He re-introduced me into the world of tabletop gaming (For better or worse!).  

Being an artist and tutor by trade I regret to inform you that painting miniatures is not my forte.  Therefore I shall not be entering painting competitions or uploading step by steps of my 40k paint jobs, like Ed.  However I shall be uploading battle recounts in the form of fiction and also the occasional art inspired by 40k.

The Canis Aureus are my Chapter of Space Wolves.  I decided to take on a Space Wolf army because of their back story but also their badass Viking/Celtic look they have going on.  Despite their cool appearance and their back story I wanted to create my own kind of rpg experience with the battles I fought, develop my armies personalities and the tale of their chapter. 

Look at that hair!
I thought it would make for a nice relaxing hobby and give me the chance to improve upon my fictional writing skills.

If you bother checking this out, thank you.

My Chapters first battle was a 500 point battle against a small Tyranid army.  I have dramatised the events below.

Home Bound

There was no doubt that their time in the Warp had changed them.  Countless years spent clashing with the tides of chaos, facing off against old comrades time and time again in bloody conflict.  Their eldest, Honodrios, made sounds no longer human.  The shell of his Dreadnought looked respectable enough, but they knew his core was more than corrupt.  Initially they considered silencing him, yet he was their elder and his actions remained true,  Incapable of leadership he now took to the battleground with an even greater ferocity. His torment and agony fueling his new found strength.  

On their return, the Canis Aureus found their homeland a dead world, drained by the xenos known as the Tyranids,  Relus Vor led the assault onto their lost homeworld. alongside the unstable Ferenus Gothchannius Biobelis and the great Honodrios.  Weak from the warp and low on ammunition the Aureus tried to take back some ground off of the xenos abominations.  Karael took the left flank along with Rerlus Vor’s Grey Hunters.  Together they rained down on heavy fire on the advancing Tyranids.  The retaliation of putrid bio weaponry erupted amongst Vor’s Hunters, sending fragments of armour, meat and bone across the terrain.  

Climbing onto the decimated and abandoned bunker Honodrious gained a vantage point over the battlefield.  before he could properly survey the area the xenos had overwhelmed him.  Taking an almost mortal blast from the advancing Tyrant, his mighty metal carapace shuddered to a halt.  The horrors of the warp seized his now fragile mind and he found himself back in the blasted chaos wastes.  His dead comrades once again advancing upon his unit, grimacing with the twisted and bloated faces of chaos.  Each one served as a reminder of why he must continue to persist continue to carry on.  Feeling the familiar tearing deep down in his chest and the warm metallic taste in his mouth he pulled the trigger.  they screamed and fell only to rise and reform, blistered skin and twisted armour fused to make new.  There was no end.

Toriathos Tibar’s faith had always treated him well, he harnessed what he had found in the warp and used it against all who stood in his way.  He knew of its origins but he disregarded the blatant taint, the wolf spirits were there for him and his men when all else had left him.  Was it the Emperor's blessing?  He doubted it.  Regardless of what he believed, he knew that they had no allies any more.  Not one force of the Imperium would accept Honodrious and the other men as equally as corrupted.  Toriathos did not know what their elder was planning but he would follow him back into the warp if that is where he thought it would be best for the Chapter.  It was a blind faith in his brothers that allowed him to blindly cut through the xenos swarm before him.   He wiped the ichor from the dimly glowing sockets where his eyes used to be.  Roaring orders at his men to follow his lead he crushed the fallen abominations beneath his feet.  Aiming his plasma pistol true he ran with his squad and fired one confident shot at the grotesque Hive Tyrant before him.  The shot landed straight in the mouth of the beast, recoiling in agony it let out a furious howl.  

The horde upon Honodrious was becoming too great.  His muscles spasming, he knew he was losing control.  Letting the chaos horde overwhelm him he screamed.  His vision clouded but now he saw true.  The roaring Tyrant  in the distance and the horde of xeons before his mighty plasma cannon.  Unleashing one focused blast into the abominations head it fell to the ground thrashing and wailing. His body blistering he dived upon the xenos before him.  The planet was lost but he knew, like his battle brothers that these tyranids would never get to see theirs again either.


  1. A great summary of a great game, I hope last night's was equally entertaining! Look forward to the next post.

    1. Thank you Ed I am glad you enjoyed it. I sure did. Those crazy rhinos and horrible Terminators... I will be having nightmares for weeks.